Vulnerable Populations Paper: Substance Abuse

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Vulnerable Populations Paper: Substance Abuse Substance abuse disorders is easily defined when an “individual continues to use the substance despite experiencing negative consequences from their use. These negative consequences can include health problems; difficulties in their family, work, and social life; and financial and legal problems. They are said to be dependent on the substance when,” in addition to theses negative consequences, they build tolerance and experience withdrawal if they stop using the drug” (Martin, 2007, p. 265). Substance abuse dates back to the early Americans colonies with beer that was brought over by the pilgrims and more popularly the ratification of the Constitution to prohibit the use of alcohol…show more content…
Along with illegal behavior often a substance abuser will find themselves as homeless, spending their paychecks on their habits of using substances (Tracy, 2005). Children of abusers are affected by both possessing negative role models that set the example that drug use is not wrong and sometimes the children are placed into the care of the community because of neglect and abuse by the substance user (National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Adolescent and School Health [CDC], 2009). Other medical, social, and economic issues also are being experienced from substance abuse and use.
Abusing central nervous system stimulants, most commonly called uppers or downers can be associated with physical and psychological problems (Martin, 2007). Excessive drinking can cause sclerosis or cancer of the liver (Khara, 2009). “As with the stimulants, tolerance builds with repeated use. As a person needs more of the drug to feel high, they experience more of the negative side effects of the drug: loss of coordination, impaired judgment, memory problems, and the development of physical dependence” (Martin, 2007, p. 265).
The number of people who use substances issues is charted by the population of Americans using alcohol,
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