Vvc Free Paint Project

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The problem itself is not one that can be fixed in a few nights, what has been done to the spheres is almost irreversible with a few exceptions. The severity of this problem isn’t one that can completely alter the way we live but at the same time every action has an equal opposite reaction. Due to the frequency of the emissions the spheres can be greatly impacted. Many people have been affected by these emissions and most of the illnesses given to these people are very damaging or terminal. On average every 3-7 years a building is repainted and depending on the size of the building many VOCs are released. As well as the frequent times the inside of the buildings are repainted and just creating artwork. Also VOC emissions are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors which just increase the amount released in the end. All of this contributes to the severity of this problem on the soul fact that paint emission happen so frequently.

In order to slow down the frequent
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I found that the VOC free paint though more expensive still worked as regular paint would. Another downfall to buying the VOC free paint was there wasn't as many color options because VOC free paint is not as popular as regular paint so this made my project more challenging in finding the right colors and being able to mix them. Whereas if it was just regular acrylic paint I would be able to buy just the regular colors without having to mix as much as the VOC free paint. So all-in-all the VOC free paint did its job not polluting the environment but it was more expensive than regular acrylic paint. And acrylic paint by itself is already expensive, so I would not recommend buying VOC acrylic paint to just use and instead use an air purifier that way you're not spending as much money in the long run and still get the better
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