Vw Golf History

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Known for its great traction, control and torque, VW Golf is probably one of the best machines to have ever come out of VW’s think tank. The car, just like the European culture, has exceptional road manners – boasting agile handling and solid/responsive steering. The 5 door hatchback, is your go-to car if you are looking for something all-rounded and suitable for city living. Though its external dimensions are pretty compact, its interior is surprisingly spacious, providing some decent room for four. You can actually fit in five passengers although that would cause a bit of squeezing in the back-seat. Along with being spacious, the interior is a strong suit. As soon as you get onboard, the first thing to strike you is just how classy the car…show more content…
The only other car (in this class) that can perhaps rivals VW golf in terms of boot size is the Ford Focus. Traveling alone or with your partner? Simply fold the rear seats to reveal a maximum boot volume of 1,270 litres. Besides the roominess, the boot stills stands out owing to some clever touches. For instance, when you fold the rear seats, they get neatly tucked into ridges. Plus there is a ski hatch built into the seats. In terms of safety, this car model is rated a 5 star by the Euro NCAP. In fact, the car scores 94% in adult occupant protection and 89% for child passenger protection. Even the most basic model has all-round airbags, tire pressure warning beep and post-collision braking system. Optional safety features include emergency automatic braking, lane-departure warning and pre-collision technology for pre-tensing seatbelts and closing windows. One controversy with the otherwise perfect car is its DSG gearbox. There have been complaints about erratic shifting and rough shifting. However, the manufacturer has previously attributed this to problems of oil fouling the wiring loom controlling the gearbox. As such, when you own a Golf, it is important to conduct a thorough assessment of the gearbox once in a while just to prevent these common problems. Here are 5 features that set this car miles ahead of the
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