Vygotsky 's Theory Of Identity Development Essay

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Social development is one of the most significant aspects of a childs life, for they can not live with out social interaction, the moment they are born they are being interacted with, typically social development happens to everyone throughout their life, with the rare cases of adults becoming hermits, there is no escape from developing socially to fit in with those around you, or to stand out. works along side emotional development as how we develop socially affects our emotions and the emotions of those around us. While how we act out our emotions can effect our friend group thus our social development. There are many theorists who work along the lines of social and emotional development. Socially, I will be focussing on Lev Vygotsky and his sociocultural theory, looking at how a child develops with certain social interactions. Emotionally I will look at Erik Erikson and his theory of identity development, where there I will look at how those surrounding a child can affect their emotional development. Along with the significant impact that both theorists believe affect a childs development. How children develop over time? Social development, is the process of a human undergoing certain experiences that allow them to form relationships. Mentally, social development focuses on how they can participate in social contexts. Duchesne et al (2013). Children grow in many ways, morally, physically, mentally, logically, and socially, different theorists believe what aspects
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