Vygotsky´s Zone Proximal Development Essay

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Vygotsky has had a profound impact on developmental psychology. One of his main contributions was the idea of zone proximal development. He places emphasis the shaping of cognitive development. He is one of the first in children development that emphasized on cultural context. I have chosen his theory and what it entails for this paper because its very interesting and some certain parts of his theory like scaffolding and the zone proximal development were relatable to my experience at my field site. This theorist believed that our minds, cognition, and psychological abilities could be development with mental tools as much our physical tools expand our physical abilities. This concept is called the “tools of the mind”. This is something…show more content…
They get a chance to interact with other students and children. Children make friends and can start to develop social relationships. Students can get the attention they need that they don’t get at home or maybe from teachers at afterschool programs. The programs provide a positive surrounding for students to be. Social environments do have an effect on them. It can be positive or negative, so it’s important that where they decide to be is going to have an optimistic and profound effect on children. As a service learner, I learned that by just being around and being there with them weekly is giving them a positive social environment that they might not get at home or the neighborhood they reside. Also the afterschool program allows them to keep friendships and permit them to flourish. The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) another part of Vygotsky theory is applied a lot in classrooms by teachers. By definition it is the difference between what a learner can do without help and what he or she can do with help. Apart of that is a concept called scaffolding, which helps us understand how aiming coaching within a students/child’s ZPD can stimulate and increase knowledge and development. Although this theory is practiced predominantly in the classroom, us service learners can attempt to use it as well. For example a student at my field site asked me for help with an assignment she was given by her teacher. She
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