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Introduction In celebration of ElleG’s previous successes in the personal electronics market, we have made the decision to hurdle into the market of small appliances. As champions in our current niche, we have been afforded the opportunity to create new concepts with the most innovative technology at our disposal. Coupling our innovations with cutting edge ideas, we have developed a new product to our distinguished line of personal appliances and would like to introduce the new ElleG “ABrew”. A single brew coffee system without the need for individual cups. Support of Mission Statement This product fully supports our steadfast mission of enabling consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high…show more content…
As a shopping product, we can expect considerable planning time involved – as it could be considered a “big ticket item” when compared to the everyday coffee brewer, however with price being part of the marketing mix, we plan to price it competitively with its sister-like products, taking in its additional conveniences and manufacturing costs into pricing and revenue management. Introductory cost projections are in the $220-$250 range. With our image already defined in the small electronics industry, we plan to market heavily on the already in-place reputation. Target Market ElleG plans to market the ABrew mainly to the Gen Y demographic, representing the 23-37 year old age group. Gen Y consists of approximately 80 million people in the U.S. They are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace and marketplace. Globally, they are the emerging adult population that is consistently exercising more influence due to their numbers, expected longevity and hyper connectivity. Psychographically, Gen Y is known for being dependent on technology. Often disregarding what is involved mechanically, but sharply aware of efficiency and convenience, the two generations are results oriented and seekers of instant gratification (Dorsey, J. 2013, January 14) Gen Y airs on the side of environmentally conservative – which we will magnify when marketing our “no cup system” and coffee ground catch

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