W L Gore & Associates

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L. Gore & Associates

How is the corporate culture of Gore different from other firms?
Gore's competency to attain innovation can be traced from the company's culture where employees are encouraged to feel free, collaborate through self-motivation, and communicate among themselves. Gore's innovation stems from contributions made by flexible working schedules allocated to employees. Gore has granted all employees one day off per week in order to pursue their personal commitments (Hamel & Breen, 2007). New employees at Gore are put into wider roles, which include business development leaders or R&D engineers and not other narrowly defined jobs. In order to assist the new recruits to be at their best, each is allocated a guide who gives the newcomer guidelines on the norms of the organization. Instead, bosses are teams, which are made by associates. In this case, tasks are only accepted and are never assigned, but associates dedicate and commit themselves because this is the only way they are measured. This is a voluntary commitment, and many find it hard to keep up with it and opt to leave (Deutschman, 2007).

Tenacity is another aspect linked to Gore's innovation. This is juxtaposed with an embedded management process of ensuring minimal investment risks. Associates gain identity and they are encouraged not to try to fit in someone's shoes. Every associate is a shareholder. Gore's strategy is based on its engineering prowess (Mote, 2009). Bill Gore is the man behind…
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