W. L. Gore & Associates, Is An Organization That Manufactures

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W. L. Gore & Associates, is an organization that manufactures Gore-Tex and other fabric-based materials, the company does not have bosses and it does not have employees. The company is consistent with their flat structure and culture of creativity that employs, leaders and associates who have no specified job titles. Wilbert Gore was a research chemist for 17 years at the DuPont company. The Gore work sites company 's core values: Fairness to each other and everyone they come into contact. The freedom to encourage employees to grow in knowledge, skill, responsibility for their work, and the ability to make their own commitment. The employees are taught to consult with each other before taking actions that could affect the reputation of…show more content…
L. Gore & Associates. Organizations incorporating group processes in the decision-making process satisfies the middle-level needs of the worker and encourage them to take full responsibilities for their work and the decision that they make. Companies looking out for their employee’s wellbeing above work related issues will foster job loyalty in the most part from the worker. Companies can show this by offering childcare, flexible work schedules, and maybe telecommuting to the office instead of showing up to the job site. Some challenges organizations may face when trying to implement W.L. Gore’s distinctive approach to work-life balance in different countries of its operations is the custom and culture of the local people, the different government’s laws of various countries, and the world’s economy. W. L. Gore model of work is based on personnel to operating on being autonomous with little to no reference to policies and procedure. This kind of work environment may be to forward of thinking for someone who likes going to a concrete building and work a set 9-5 schedule. Employees that need to have a clear and cut standard of operations of policies and procedures with a formal chain of command will probably not do well in this kind of work environment. The personnel at Gore associates wants their employees to perform their job duties largely independently. The worker is left to determine for themselves where they are competence lies within their team,
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