W L Gore Case Study

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ASSIGNMENT 2 - CASE STUDY High Performance at W L GORE Service/Product: Gore-Tex manufacturer Famous for: Inventing world-renowned high-performance fabrics for leisure, industrial, electronic and medical purposes The business strategy: Delivering continuous innovation by turning management principles on their head High performance learning points: • Unique form of work organisation designed to support employee collaboration and creativity; • Leaders replace managers to deliver high levels of innovation; • Use of informal communication to achieve high levels of trust; • Use of ’sponsors' to facilitate continuous development and training and achieve a close link between personal development and organisational needs; • Remuneration…show more content…
All this requires that substantial skills are built up among staff at all levels. Together these create a powerful sense of identification with the company and attachment to its values. From this flows a high level of performance in the form of constant innovation. One of the keys to this form of work organisation is the fact that the operating units are kept small, ideally between 150 and 170 associates. All are members of multidisciplinary teams, for example, an HR team, teams of engineers, manufacturing teams, but these are constantly changing in terms of their composition. Some are global in their membership, such as the IT team and the leadership team in fabrics, the latter being made up of a German, American and UK person. Most teams are local in that if a person comes up with the idea for a new product, say in connection with motorcycle clothing, then he or she takes on the leadership of that team, followed by others who have an interest or specialist knowledge in the area. The result is that teams are constantly changing, creating an organisation that takes on an amoeba-like quality. Members of the team determine their objectives, their mode of operating and their composition. If a person wishes to join a new team, because they are interested in the idea and feel they would like to contribute to it, then they

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