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Longman Communication 3000
The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the 390 million words contained in the Longman Corpus Network – a group of corpuses or databases of authentic English language. The Longman Communication 3000 represents the core of the English language and shows students of English which words are the most important for them to learn and study in order to communicate effectively in both speech and writing. Analysis of the Longman Corpus Network shows that these 3000 most frequent words in spoken and written English account for 86% of the language. This means that by knowing this list of
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tion 3000 a indefinite article, determiner S1, W1 abandon v W3 ability n S2, W1 able adj S1, W1 about prep S1, W1 about adv S1, W1 above adv, prep S2, W1 above adj W3 abroad adv S2, W3 absence n S3, W2 absolute adj S2, W3 absolutely adv S1, W3 absorb v W3 abuse n S2, W3 academic adj W2 accept v S1, W1 acceptable adj S3, W3 access n S2, W1 accident n S2, W2 accommodation n S2, W2 accompany v W2 according to prep S2, W1 account n S1, W1 account v S3, W2 accurate adj S2, W3 accuse v W3 achieve v S2, W1 achievement n S3, W2 acid n W3 acknowledge v S3, W3 acquire v W2 across adv, prep S1, W1 act n S1, W1 act v S2, W1 action n S1, W1 active adj S2, W2 activist n S3 activity n S2, W1 actor n W3 actual adj S1, W2 actually adv S1, W1 ad n S3, W3 adapt v W3 add v S1, W1 addition n S3, W1 additional adj S3, W2 address n S2, W2 address v S2, W2 adequate adj S3, W3 adjust v W3 administration n S2, W2 administrative adj W3 admire v S3 admission n W3 admit v S2, W1 adopt v S3, W2 adult n S2, W2 adult adj W3 advance n S2, W2 advance v W3 advanced adj W3 advantage n S2, W1 advert n S3 advertise v S3, W3 advertisement n S3 advertising n W3 advice n S2, W2 advise v S2, W2 adviser n S3, W3 affair n S2, W1 affect v S2, W1 afford v S1, W3 afraid adj S1, W2 after prep, conj, adv S1, W1 afternoon n S1, W2 afterwards adv S2, W3 again adv S1, W1 against prep S1, W1 age n S1, W1 aged adj W3 agency n S3, W1 agent n S3, W2 aggressive adj S3 ago adv S1, W1 agree v S1, W1 agreement n S2, W1 agriculture n
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