WA High Risk Medication Policy Essay

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Furthermore, in U.S., dealing with opioid addiction with opioid prescriptions is managed by Federal Regulation 42 CFR Part 8, which offers for an authorization and certification-based schemes for opioid treatment agenda. The guideline recognizes that dependence on a drug is a therapeutic disorder that may entail reverse healing procedures for dissimilar patients. The Division of Pharmacologic Therapies, which is an element of the SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, is accountable for managing accreditation principles and official recognition methods. (https://www.samhsa.gov). Dependence to opioids is a mutilation that can harm and considerably spoil the major life activities of people. For this reason, Federal regulations are…show more content…
These policies are;
• Duty of care
• Confidentiality and privacy legislation
• Mandatory reporting (http://www.health.gov.au).

3.4 Legislation impacting the field of healthcare

From the last three years, it has become hard to assess the impact of mandatory reporting. It requires other considerable changes to the regulatory plan. In many healthcare organizations, new systems are designed and implemented to improve the safety of a patient. The changes in the new systems and discussion around the patient safety heightened the health care’s awareness of these problems. Therefore, in this complex environment, it is hard to extricate the precise impact of mandatory reporting. Doctors face many hurdles such as; lack of timing, lack of privacy, and humiliation. The national law has formed the perception of an obstacle to health admittance and Mandatory reporting clearly weaken the objective of National law having its target on patient safety. (http://www.health.gov.au).

4.0 Quality and Safety

The Australian quality and safety framework for health care highlights an idea for secure and proper attention for all Australian and reveals the
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