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Though groundwater is an important source of irrigation in India, its availability is non-uniform in space and time. In Saurashtra region of Gujarat state, problem of groundwater depletion has arisen due to high withdrawal than rate of replenishment of groundwater. This also resulted in seawater intrusion in coastal areas at very high rate. The water harvesting and groundwater recharge activities played an important role in increasing the groundwater resource and also improved the quality of groundwater and decreased the rate of seawater intrusion in the region. Water is identified as one of the fifteen major indicators for sustainability and it is a major issue for fast
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Because of the heavy exploitation of the ground water the water table of the state is fast declining and the quality of water is also very deteriorating because of the increase in the depth of bore-wells. Interesting feature of the ground water table of the state is, it is evenly distributed across the state but that also suggests that those areas having scarcity of water would not get much help from the ground water resource.
Project requirement and availability of water in the years of the 2010 and 2025 in different regions of Gujarat Requirement of the water in Saurashtra and Kachchh regions would increase from 131000 to 14440 lakh cubic meters in the years of 2010 and 2025 respectively. So the scarcity of the water would increase from 3360 to 4269 lakh cubic meters in saurashtra and Kachchh regions, in north Gujarat the increment of the scarcity of the water n the same period is estimated 1418 lakh cubic meters; while the south Gujarat region is enjoyingthe plenty of water situation and the situation is further improving by 2327 lakh cubic meters. So the availability of water shows vast difference in the various regions of the same state.
Projecte requirement and availability of water in the years of the 2010 and 2025 in Gujarat (Figures in 10 lakh cubic meter)

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