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refer her to a non-statutory agency that is WCADA. WCADA is a registered charity and limited company founded in 1979 by among others, DR. Alan Douglas and Dr Allan Hawkins. It aims to prevent, treat and reduce the harm caused by alcohol and drugs to individuals, their families and the community. WCADA is delivered by specialised and experienced facilitators. The team are dedicated in supporting the individual to a happy drug and alcohol free future. When an individual arrives at WCADA an assessment is completed, and the individuals needs will be explored and a treatment care plan agreed for ongoing support. WCADA also works jointly with other organisations the information can shared but with the individual’s permission, the other…show more content…
Researching and looking at the NHS modules of care, it gives different definitions of services they can give. Their main focus the health and well-being of the individual. The treatment they can revive is structured so that it follows assessments and delivered according to a care plan, with clear goals which are regularly reviewed with the client to make sure they are happy with the treatment they are getting and that they know they are getting the right help. Other services can provide information and assistance such CAB ( Citizens advise bureau) Charlotte can visit Citizens advise bureau they are a non-statutory agency, but they can help her with her debt problem as she has run up a lot of debt due to her drug use. Citizens Advise Bureau stated that unlike most forms of borrowing, credit cards don’t have a repayment schedule, so people can hold unaffordable debts for long periods of time. Credit card lenders have little incentive to help people stay on top of their debts. When people struggle to manage credit card debt-when they get into arrears or can only meet minimum payments. It also states that 18% of people in finically difficulty have their credit limit increased without asking. And five million people with will take over ten years to pay off their debts.

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