WCLR Widget Developers and Networking

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WCLR Widget developers and networking LTD 1. Going it solo Many organizations are set with different aims and objectives that are achieved through effective coordination of all departments. These achievements are obtained when the company identifies its main business which is primary, secondary or tertiary. The main primary business of WCLR limited is to come up with widget developers groups with support and networking. Communication refers to the process of transferring information in a given organization through the use of a medium (Lacar, 2011). This is very essential to a business organization if done efficiently and information understood by the receiver. A well planned overview of communication within an organizational department like HR is very important as it allows effective implementation of business responsibilities. This benefits the employees as they understand their responsibilities well through the communication department. Supervisors, managers and board of directors also benefits from such a plan as they also understand their roles and ensures effective running of the organization. Roles and responsibilities In every organization, it is necessary for every stakeholder such as employees, supervisors and managers to understand their roles. This reduces confrontations as each team understands its responsibility. Employees are expected to play the following responsibilities: Technical expert: it is the role of employees to ensure that they perform properly in

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