WEEK 2 Field Analysis Assignment

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Week 2 Assignment
Field Analysis Assignment
Erika Ann Fowler
Devry University
Keller Graduate School of Management
HRM 595: Negotiation Skills
Professor Burnell Carden
May 17, 2015


General information and instructions:

1. Review text pages 137–139 in Chapter 4. These pages cover step 9 in the planning process, assessing the social context of negotiation.
2. The field analysis tool is helpful when negotiators have to consider multiple parties—on their own side and on the other side—who can affect a negotiation outcome, and whose needs and interests must be considered.
3. Take note that the soccer field (see diagram below) is a metaphor for a
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How many captains and majors there are now and for the foreseeable future using a step increase process that is calculated so that there can be a projection of all of these analyzed numbers for a proper and realistic budget.

b. Change the climate?

The climate can be changed by the transition of a new mayor and mayoral staff that can be shifted into and out of office every four years and therefore this negotiated contract may not be a long-term solution.

c. Other competitors?

If there is a shift in the mayor staff, then this department will/might have to deal with a new mayor and his staff changing the terms of the agreement and negotiations for this contact could have to meet every four years.

A new Sheriff is also elected every four years (some states are 2 years). This could propose an excuse to shift the terms of the contract as well, because this Sheriff might choose to change the current contract conditions or learn to play ball with what the current administration wants.

d. Industry shifts and changes?

Not only will there be shifts in Sheriffs that are elected and Mayors that are elected, there will also be economy shifts that will happen. It will be important to the Sheriff’s office to cover the economic and market needs of the department. The ever changing economy can present challenges in the
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