WGU JGT Task #1 Essay

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To be successful in an expanding world market, Shuzworld must be innovative in addressing challenges using sound management principles and decision analysis to determine the best options for operations. Asian Workflow Workflow improvement in the Chinese factories has been identified as an area of opportunity for Shuzworld in Shanghai. After meeting with Alistair Wu, Production Manager—who is responsible for all three Shuzworld facilities in China, the assembly line process was reviewed for efficiency of the production of the Rugged Work Wear® boot product. Since these boots are steel-tipped, production is more complex and take longer to produce than other standard Shuzworld products. Catherine Pang, Line Manager, provided an existing…show more content…
New Product Line Development Cost Analysis Shuzworld is developing a new line for sales in California and southwest United States. Although it is projected that there will be significant demand once created, Shuzworld must first determine whether or not the new Maui Sandal line will be profitable to the company prior to production. After meeting with Alistair Wu and the Shanghai line management team, it has been determined that the Maui Sandal will possibly be the newest project for Shuzworld. Hetty Tarbox was present to present market research data and associated metrics. The goal is to set up for batches of 10,000 units in the Shanghai factories. Catherine Pang presented her estimates on the new service line. She predicts that the first batch will take 1,000 labor hours to produce the first units of

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