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LESSON PLAN Name: Raymond Yarbrough WGU Task Objective Number: V1 UNDERGRAD-0510 GENERAL INFORMATION Lesson Title & Subject(s): Phonemic Awareness/Reading Topic or Unit of Study: Phonemic Awareness Grade/Level: 1st Grade Instructional Setting: This is a 1st grade class made up of 12 first grade students. There are 7 Girls and 5 Boys. There is 1 male student with general academic IEP that covers all subjects as well as 1 male and 1 female student that have speech IEPs. The classroom is arranged in table seating with a large carpeted area in the front of the classroom for group learning. This lesson will be taught in a group setting at the carpet. STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):…show more content…
Identification of Student Prerequisite Skills Needed for Lesson: Students will know carpet time behavior expectations (Attentive listening, hands to self, body positioning, etc….) Pre-requisite skills as learned in previous like lesson plans. Students will have a basic understanding of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. 2. Presentation of New Information or Modeling: ( 15 Minutes ) The teacher will begin by explaining to students that there are many ways to learn to read. The way they will learn today is called the “whole word model.” In this way of reading students will look at the first sound and think about what word may fit based on the other words in the book. Teacher will explain to student that by thinking about what word may be next, combined with looking at the first letter or letters of a word they can begin to ascertain what the word may be. The teacher will then use the flashcards and review each letter and what sounds it can make. 3. Guided Practice: (10 Minutes) Students will be read parts of the first few pages, teacher will then pause at words and say just the beginning sound and have students guess what the words mean. (Ex: Over in the Ju____.) Students will then be expected to guess words that may fit the book and begin with the letter Ju (Jungle). This practice will

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