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WHAT A COLLEGE EDUCATION BUYS Christopher Caldwell, the author of “WHAT A COLLEGE EDUCATION BUYS” presents his idea on college education of a 4-year college degree in American. The author’s assertion that college degree is not for everyone; it is something superb and looks like prime but it does not guarantee graduates’ practical productivity and usefulness in the particular professions or fields. Also, he assertion includes that nowadays college education has been increasing because of its growth in demands and increased popularity. Thus, is it worthwhile for parents to place a lot of raw financial chunk on the children’s college degrees, while it does not even benefit graduates as it did before? The author argues about how…show more content…
Therefore, students actually have chances to develop their thoughts on people who are different from themselves and to learn how to respect. Therefore, colleges also serve as a buffering place that provides additional life lessons to its student bodies. Caldwell ‘s expectation on college education that it will provide and allow more and better quality chances in future for graduates should not be neglected. It is still the main reason why students try to enter college. However, not the young people will ask to general society- is it only that why you go to college? My answer is “Yes”, because colleges and universities are the academic places where notion starts and develops. And it offers one more thing to its students to meet particularly modern needs. Now young people in their early to late 20s, college educations have become more and more natural course and trend. In other words, many enter college or proceed to higher education institutions because their peer is doing it. Also in order to compete and survive in this modern world isn’t it wise to go to college? Caldwell’s viewpoint should be respected however colleges is provide students student with knowledge to compete in today society compare to the olden days. In addition, many of schools provide many different diversity trainings and study session to teach student about respect and harmony among diverse student populations. Therefore, students actually have chances to develop their
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