WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? Cars powered by electricity are referred to as

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WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? Cars powered by electricity are referred to as electric cars. The type of car started to appear in the year 1999 in the state of California. They had also been manufactured in the early 1900,s. The cars were preferred because they did not make a lot of noise while travelling which created a pleasant experience for the users. Unlike the cars that used gasoline to function, electric cars were not tedious when starting and maintenance. Cars using gasoline pollute the environment by producing carbon dioxide gas which significantly contributes to the process of global warming. One gallon of gasoline produces nineteen pounds of carbon dioxide…show more content…
The move created a difficult situation to car manufacturers who had the option to comply or resist the mandate most of the car manufacturers complied but not whole heartedly. Various factors contributed to the extinction of the electric car. They all ensured that the car could not endure the market. The car created a threat to some of the industries that had fore seen the car’s potential. The factors included: a) The consumer The consumers contributed to the demise of the electric car by being ignorant. As long as they had a car that could move them from place to place, they saw no need for the car. Some of the car features the car had made it inconvenient to be used. The small size discouraged consumers from creating sufficient demand. Majority of car users prefer cars that had a sufficiently large space. The consumers lacked knowledge about the car’s features and its economic and environmental benefits. They did not know the difference between electric cars and the gasoline powered cars. b) Battery Technology The battery allowed the car to go for only sixty miles. The market demanded for a car that could go for about a hundred miles. To improve the efficiency of the battery, engineers from the Ovshinsky company, made a new one that could go for about 120 miles. General Motors sold shares from the company to an unknown entity. The move impeded actions by the company to further improve the battery. c) Oil corporations The companies in the oil

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