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WHY WE SHOULD STUDY THE BOOK OF REVELATION The book of Revelation is one the most unread, unstudied, most misunderstood, and most twisted out of context, books of the Bible. So why is it one the most unread book? The main reason seems to stem from fear of the book. This fear is driven from the idea that the book is one which cannot be understood. That it is a book written in code that cannot be decoded. When you add to these issues a lack of God’s knowledge, you come up with someone who is not only ignorant, but also someone who lacks confidence. These two combinations can be very dangerous and leads to not only the misunderstanding but also to the twisting of the scriptures. The twisting of the scriptures can be done for a couple of…show more content…
The number one reason we should study this wonderful book is to put to rest the fear, and the misunderstanding, so we will no longer be ignorant to the powerful message of God. There is much to be learned within the pages of this Revelation. It is a book of warning, a book of encouragement, a book of truths, that we can applicant into our lives and also into our worship. The more we read, study, and understand this book the greater position we will be in to teach this book to others. The writer of Hebrews stresses the importance of growing and maturing in the word, that you may not only be a student, but also a teacher (Heb.5:12-14). The second reason we should study this great book, is to be able to defend it against the false and ridiculous accusations drawn from it. There are many false teachings about what all the signs and symbols represent or do not represent. It is our responsibility to read and search out the message God has revealed to us (seven churches of Asia), that we may grow and be strengthen by it. If we choose to remain ignorant of the message found in this prophecy, we too could fall for the false teachings that many have been led astray by. The third and last reason we should study the book of Revelation, is to be able to take heed to the many warnings found throughout the book. Once we have put the book into proper perspective, we then can begin to apply the teachings properly. This is what makes, not only the book of Revelation, but also the


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