WIll Condoms Really Stop AIDS in Africa?

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The article above is retrieved from a community-contented website. The article, “Will condoms really stop AIDS in Africa?” was written by Brian Saint-Paul, a journalist and also the editor of Crisis magazine. As the tittle of the article indicates, the author is against the use of condoms as an effective sollution to AIDS crisis in Africa. Because the article relates to a controversial social issue, the targeted audience can be scientists, educators, youngsters and students doing research. After one-week looking deeply into this article, I figured out that inspite of containing some good points, this article also has minor drawbacks. Therefore, in this critical review, my evaluation mainly bases on the content, relevance and the author’s arguments.
In the first place, a summary is necessary in better understanding the main points of this over 1500-word article. Initially, the author gave out two contending views on the use of condoms in Africa: one is that condom distribution is among the most effective ways to control the spread of AIDS and the other is that condoms are useless and even one cause of high HIV transmission rate in this region. Then, he raises the question whether condoms really stop AIDS and gradually explains his reason for agreeing with the latter view. As for him, there is only one simple reason: Condoms provide a false sense of security to the users; therefore they keep using them without being aware of the high risks. According to him, instead of
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