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95% Women and political rights The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. This quote tells that women power are not given there should take it and that is possible if you are well educated and have peoples support. Political power a person in authority gains the right to influence and pressurize the official policy that can serve his interest well. The least important component of power is money “money can buy you everything in this world but it can never buy you happiness”. The second least important component is population “more people more vote”. The most important component is education “being from a mothers worm and…show more content…
The new deal gave important opportunity for minorities and women. Women make the mark the most notable change was the naming of several women to important government position. Frances perking became Americans first female cabinet member. Perkin was the first women who created the social security system and labor legislation. Women were continued facing discrimination at workplace from men at times men were just used to heir. This affected the population because many women were not hired. Women helped in many ways they were making weapons and sending them to the war field. Women were also making bombs and doing work that no one would have ever women will be able to do. Women were also part of expanding the military the army chief General George Marshall formation a women’s auxiliary army corps WAAC this formed women to be activity in helping men who were at war by being nurse, operators an electricians. This helped to expand the use arm force during World War II by taking place of men. Young and old men joined the military due to so many men’s going on the war women did take their place in the work filed by the time men came back women were already getting used to their new life that was when they decided to get together I order to get there job and be payed as equal as men are being. Women being to change there though towards having Childs that was a factor that
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