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What the WPA, and the preceding actions of its constituents along with other sectors in Guyana, accomplished, was the visible representation of multi-racialism in its, rank and file, the importance, in the Guyana’s context of prominent black leaders opposing mainly black regime and the engagement of sections of the Indian indo-Guyanese shifting towards was at least at the non-electoral level. note that none of this multi-racial enthusiasm was tested at the ballot box, which in 1974was far from the radar of the WPA.

But how far did the new politics reach? How was it possible to fight for a democratic society amidst all the confusion of the outside world, where the Soviet Union and its allies, although supportive of liberation
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Clearly the bare label is not enough (the three main political parties in Guyana, the PPP, PNC and WPA all described themselves as Marxist-Leninist at one time or another) and at the very least it is incumbent on each party to spell out its position on certain basic issues like a democratic constitution, free elections, the multiparty system and so on"

Several of these issues arose during the WPA heyday. Among them, the historical and contemporary ‘relevance’ of Marxism to the region; the relationship between democracy and socialism; race and ethnicity in political practice; and the role of the state. Clive Thomas, himself an active member of WPA was a key contributor from the Anglo-Caribbean and dealt very early with the connection between democracy and socialism at a time when dogma ruled the roost and any departure from the canon was greeted with derision. Thomas made this substantial critique in “Rise of the Authoritarian State in Peripheral Societies.” In this piece, Thomas anticipated modern criticism of the left on the problems of socialism in the Caribbean and even further afield. Indeed Thomas and others were branded with ‘pejorative’ labels ranging from ‘social democratic ideologue’ to ‘left deviationist’ and ‘moderate’, among others. Thomas’ focus was grounded in his own practical experience with the socialist development in the Guyana

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