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WTT2/ C156 Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology Kelly Belcher 307442 Western Governors University (4B1) WHO WILL TRAIN THE STAFF? WHAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE TRAINING? WHEN AND HOW FREQUENTLY WILL TRAINING SESSIONS TAKE PLACE? WHERE WILL THE TRAINING SESSIONS TAKE PLACE? Training (HITC Staff, 2015) Will be rolled out in stages- to allow for tweeking as needed Is mandatory. EPIC provides training maps for different types of staff—this will determine training needs. On-line tutorials must be completed prior to in-class sessions. Our goal is a 9 month timeline for end-user training completion. What will be included in the training ? Credentialed Trainers—-Will become EPIC experts in all departments.…show more content…
Will not be counted as normal staffing when working Super User shifts Will meet after their shifts for a 30 min. Super User Forum Super User Forums Will be located in the auditorium. Open format for end-user take backs. Will supply needed information for interface modification. Will happen at the end of every 4 hour shift 0730-1130-1530-1930-2330-0330 to allow for all shifts where the EPIC command center is set up. Bedside End Users Log in/out Chart navigation and where to document Accessing test and lab results Physician order entry Department specific requirements Plan for System Failure WHAT TO DO ! (CAUTION EPIC FAILURE, n.d.) SYSTEM FAILURE PLAN Written EPIC down time plan in place prior to golive. 24 hour access to EPIC facility staff available. IT will place downtime computers in each department called — Business Continuity Access (BCA) device. BCA devices are updated every 2 hours. Reports can be generated from the stored info in the BCA. Each department is stocked with all needed backup paperwork to use in downtimes. Data storage will be kept in our on-site IT command center. Redundant backup storage is maintained on site as well. We have a second data center off site that can be used in case of an emergency. Back up tapes for rebooting the system are kept by a third party data store house. References CAUTION EPIC FAILURE. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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