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WWII “The world must know what happened, and never forget.” (World War 2) General Eisenhower reflecting upon the world war II, and acknowledging it as a pertinent event in the history of the United States of America. War is war, it is not pretty or humane, but what it is, is a diplomatic way in which to settle disputes and aggressions between countries. By analyzing these wars of the past, the people of the country can learn many things, be it mistakes made by one side, strategy from someone else or battle field etiquette. And it is through this analysis that the human race is able to further itself to not repeat the mistakes made by their ancestors. There are many lessons to be learned from looking at the
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Conversely around this same time period a man named Adolf Hitler rose to popularity within the weakened empire of Germany. Oddly enough at the same time as the Americans were working through their depression, the Germans were also dealing with the trying threat of their own depression. But what set the difference between Hitler in Germany and FDR in America was the methodology and approach to the presented problem. Where FDR formulated the New Deal and his revitalization of American banking, Hitler used Fascism and Militaristic dictatorship to not lead but force his country out of the depression and into the well oiled military machine that it would soon be known as. The big lesson to be learned here is that a good leader is a leader who understands the problems of the country and listens to the plights of his people, wether you people call for a military uprising or just the return of jobs to the common folk. Both of these men given above were great leaders for the time and were able to lead their country effectively into the super powers in which they became during the beginning of the war. Before the war with America, the Japanese economy was going in the opposite of the American. This meaning that during this time the Japanese economy was becoming so powerful that it needed to expand onto the mainland of Asia just to meet

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