WWII at Home Essay

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For the United States the event of WWII was most likely the single largest factor in determining the nation’s financial, political, and social prowess in the 20th century. Where most have knowledge of the war itself, few understand the sheer reach it had and the massive effects it produced globally. At home, it ended the great depression and strengthened our government’s ability to manage the economy. Leading up to the war virtually all industry in the country was majorly crippled if not dead, a problem that may not have ever been fixed were it not for increased demands via the defense industries. Organized labor was a growing force to be reckoned with, even during the war it managed to grow stronger, becoming a major player in the post…show more content…
FDR’s deal tried to work for the remainder of the decade, but never enjoyed any real success. By the time Europe became enthralled in the war, the United States wasn’t in much better shape than it had been when FDR had begun his first term. In the ten years preceding the war, unemployment in the United States averaged at 13.3%, in the summer following the start of the war in Europe that number was cut in half (Darby, 7) As the war in Europe was heating up, the United States government initiated a state of preparedness. It began increasing the size and strength of its military, enhancing its global politics, and promoting patriotism amongst the public. Industrially, manufacturers changed tooling and operations, gearing up to produce the tools of war that would become more essential than the common consumer goods they had once produced. Labor unions also played a role in this process, advocating conversion in industries that were less eager to change their ways. The marine industry was among the first of the industries to convert to wartime production, cranking out ships not only to fight, but especially to haul the much needed weapons, munitions, and food across Atlantic to the British and the Soviet Union. The Lend Lease act provided these supplies, playing an extremely important role in the resupply and refitting of our allies. On December 7, 1941, The Japanese attacked the United States naval fleet stationed in Pearl Harbor,

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