Wace Burgess

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Introduction According to Kotler (2003: p420), a successful brand name ‘is essentially a marketer's promise to deliver a specific set of features, benefits and services consistently to the buyers'. Wace Burgess is a member of the Wace Group, a company that has a massive global presence and is very recognizable in the pre-press and print technology market. Having excellent reputation for quality and responsiveness, the largest part of the production of Wace Burgess is the production of cards. Until now, their main customers were specialist publishers but after the entrance of the big retailers and supermarkets in the marketplace, they started to be interested on them and try to be ranked first in the market. Marks and Spencer is one of…show more content…
SWOT Analysis The commonest mechanism for structuring audit information in order to provide a critical analysis for the company's situation is the SWOT analysis" (Brassington and Pettitt, 2003: p908). Strengths  Strong brand name: Wace Burgess is a member of the Wace Group, a company with a massive global presence and a powerful brand name.  Quality: The company's name had always been a warrantee for good quality.  Good reputation for reliability and responsiveness to their customers.  Well organized production: All the departments of the production corporate effectively.  High variety of products: Wace Burgess produces Christmas cards, everyday and special day's cards with many different designs.  Specialist personnel: The staff is among the best in the industry with excellent technical-design skills and are expert in the use of the latest computer imaging technologies Weaknesses  Small orders: The normal orders are typically quite small.  Limited experience in the manipulation of big orders  Limited staff only for the labor intensive jobs, as they hire extra people when required, on a short term basis  Limited equipment on some parts of the production only on high quality products. Cards with unusually difficult specifications are sent out to other
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