Wacky Choocolate Cake from My Grandmother

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Wacky chocolate cake is common household name in your house nothing better than a sweet smell of grandmother chocolate cake slowly baking in the early morning.‭ ‬Wacky chocolate cake recipe was pass down by my grandmother to my mom ever since then wacky chocolate cake was make multiple times.‭ ‬With my mom's touch our favorite cake become much healthier with rich moist chocolate taste. Cake in nothing without a perfect cake icing right‭? ‬Over time we've use many cake topping into we found a perfect caking icing secret is‭ “‬Cool Whip frosting‭” ‬was one of the best.‭ ‬Dreamy fluffy whip frosting with baked chocolate well have your taste bids really dances.‭ ‬If you like to use different icing it's all up to you. Along with all my recipes I like to give out much facts as I can about what your eating today facts are about chocolate.‭ ‬Thank you‭! I hope you all enjoy one of my family favorite chocolate recipes “Wacky Chocolate Cake” will give your taste bids a really kick .Smell warming coca baking in the oven. Stop your stress and grab a bite of this chocolate cake with fluffy topping. Please feel free taking are favorite chocolate poll and quiz if you have any questions comment below are message me. Health benefits of chocolate Healthier Heart: Dark chocolate can lower your risk of heart attacks and stokes by 39%. Weight Loss: Dark chocolate lessen your craving for sweet,salty and fatty foods. Happy Kids: Pregnancy women who ate chocolate every day have better
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