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Waco On February 28, 1993, the nation watched as government law officials climbed the walls of the Branch-Davidian compound on Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas, breaking windows and throwing grenades inside the buildings, all for arresting Vernon Wayne Hall, A.K.A. David Koresh. Koresh was the leader of the Davidians, who believed that Koresh was a god who lived in this religious community on Mount Carmel. The public's first view of this crisis was from the press's not very supportive opinion of the Davidian's beliefs. The newspaper articles were leaning on the government's side, which they had every right to do, until April 19. On April 19, 1993, Mount Carmel rapidly burned to the ground, taking the lives of seventy-six people.…show more content…
Another significant piece of evidence is the nine survivors of the fire have no recollection of how the fire began, because they didn't see it start. The concern that most people have of this incident comes from the fact that the government lied, broke internal orders and, most importantly, denied the Mount Carmel residents their constitutional rights. This scandal is more serious than other affairs, like Watergate, because the Attorney General, Janet Reno, stepped in for the President by giving the executive order for government officials to invade Mount Carmel. Eventually, Mount Carmel was burned to the ground and a lot of fingers point to the government officials who unmistakably did not cooperate with the Mount Carmel residents. In the Watergate affair, the public believes that the seriousness of the crisis comes from the President's abuse of power, like the "Iran-Contra" or the "Lewinsky" scandals. They were major crises, but Waco involves improprieties by all three branches of government, and, as a result, innocent people were massacred. Waco is important for three major reasons: It raises questions about human rights in our country; it involves a scandal involving all three branches of government; it opens the door for our government to tolerate more of this behavior. The residents of Mount Carmel were American citizens with constitutional rights, but their rights were violated because of complaints
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