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Diagnosing the Change Managing Organizational Change Emiliano Delucia Keller Graduate School of Management DIAGNOSTIC MODELS One of the main purposes of diagnostic models is to find a way to identify external and internal factors that can affect the working conditions of an organization. Many diagnostic models have been developed along the years to ensure these factors are well identified and the organizations can function properly following a certain model. The diagnostic model that will be analyzed in this paper is Burke-Litwin. BURKE-LITWIN MODEL The Burke-Litwin model describes multiple factors and drivers of change that can be seen from top to bottom in the following diagram: This model owes its original…show more content…
There are certain changes that can affect the individual’ needs so the company needs to work towards meeting the employee’s expectations. 9. Employee Motivation: This is one of the key factors to successfully implement a change. Personnel need to be motivated for the change, and management need to communicate it properly for this to happen. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MODEL PRICIPLES: SAMSUNG Samsung is a company that has been very successful in implementing the change they needed. They followed a step-by-step approach looking into internal and external factors that could affect it. Samsung did a great job identifying the external factors by knowing their competitors, the market requirements, and the global economy. Based on this, internal changes were triggered to achieve their strategy and goals. The success in the company was a clear outcome of the well managed change process. The mission of the company was always to be on the top of the electronic market, so their strategy has been focused on that since the beginning. Continuously innovating in their product line allowed them to have new products going to the market very often. Since the company really motivated their employees, they were able to implement and follow the company mission and strategy. All the factors explained about Burke-Litwin model were well managed by Samsung. That is one of the main reasons why this model better describes
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