Waffle General Hospital Case Study

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TRANSITING FROM CLINICIAN TO MANAGER _ Waffle General Hospital Case Study Health care is a very complex system. The New South Wales Western Health district and rural hospitals like other health districts in New South Wales have undergone massive structural reforms in the last two years (Reference). Introduction of an output based funding system, using efficient prices set by New South Wales, under the Activity Based Funding means that Hospitals such as Waffle are on a high efficiency drive. In analysing this case study, I am assuming that Wattle rural referral hospital is a large public hospital that is heavily reliant on government funding to operate. The large cuts on finances has meant the dismissal of nurses so as to break-even,…show more content…
It is in such a turbulent atmosphere that this clinician makes this transition from a clinician to manager- confronted by both internal and external pressures in his new role. The first challenge this skilled and experienced emergency clinician faces as he moves from performing duties which are predictable and more procedural to one full of ambiguity, often lacking in role clarity role crisis(Prideaux, G; 200?). I am also assuming that he is taking on a managerial role for the first time. He also experiences an identity crisis as he navigates from his clinical profession to a managerial role, still holding on to previous role as a clinician for fear of losing his identity (Reference). Some negative attitudes/threats towards new role such as jealousy, gossip isolation, rebellion, sabotage, resistance from old peers, competitiveness and an unwillingness to get him involved from top level management, all contribute to a feeling of Isolation. (Asma’s article). Another challenge this clinician faces is how to maintain a large network of relationships (both internal and external) in achieving organisational goals. Given the current job dissatisfaction among staff, this might not be an easy task for this new clinician turned manager. However, an advantage is his existing network with former colleagues which could be effectively harnessed to pool support for his new role. On the other hand, due to an existing stereotype of management as ‘bad’, this
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