Wage Discrimination Among Actors And Actresses

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Since before women earned the right to vote, there has always been a demand for men and women to work as an actor in the film industry. Their ability to captivate, move, and inspire earned them recognition as movie stars. This rich history of stars, ranging from Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton to Mary Pickford and Julia Roberts has seemingly been gender neutral. However, the question of wage discrimination among actors and actresses is often not a point of discussion. Perhaps this is because the public knows how well movie starts are paid, which begets the question, are actors and actress rewarded differently?
When skimming the literate, the first point of interest is Forbes Magazine’s list of the top paid actors and actresses of that
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In addition, there seems to be a huge discrepancy between how actors and actresses fair at the box office. This is reinforced when looking at the average box office figures. Ten actors have averaged figures over $100 million while only two actresses managed to reach that milestone. If an actors and actresses are paid based upon their box office power, it would seem that actors are better at selling movie tickets relative to actresses. However, these figures might be a result of the types of roles offered to men and women.
In order to examine gender discriminatory pay practices in Hollywood, there needs to be a comparison between men and women performing the same exact job. In cinema, it could be the case that actors and actresses are simply not working in exactly the same industry. Since they are not playing the same character, and the fact that film offers different genres by which actors and actresses are defined within, the pay difference may be due to the variation between roles. An action star generally gets paid more relative to a melodramatic role, and throughout the history of Hollywood, men usually occupy the role of “big action star." Men like John Wayne, Tom Cruise, Cary Grant, Humphry Bogart, James Cagney, and Arnold Schwarzenegger receive salary benefits because they are generational icons, starring in big budget, high grossing films. There are certainly examples of female action stars, like Sigourney Weaver
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