Wage Gap Analysis

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Our dinner party consisted of meeting at Char’s, where we shared swipes for those not on a meal plan (myself). While this was a great experience as I have never been there before and definitely interesting to see as I am a recent transfer student. Our topics really seem to range and develop into much deeper conversations compared to last I must say! The major discussion revolved around wage gap, beauty ideals with sexual violence reference, and overall experiences of the ancestor interview. Wage gap really drew an interesting conversation between our group as having only two guys (mike and I) and the rest girls. It really kinda drew a surprising opposing views but not necessarily in the way someone would think. Mike and I really were pushing…show more content…
I personally shared about how my grandma didn't see a black person till the age of nineteen. This really shocked everyone as much as it did me as that's unheard of these days. Ali shared the experience of how her grandma’s school bused in black kids to her school to increase diversity. The interesting part here was that Ali said that they still do that today at her high school. It goes to show how while everyone thinks thing are always changing for the better, is it really? In this case, is there an underlying racial factor playing a factor here? Overall it was a great time sharing our experiences of our older generation families, it definitely brought some surprises and good laughs. This last dinner party was very successful, we developed great conversations and dug deeper into the role these topics play in our daily life. I believe we all can take something from this class whether it's to use the buddy system or to be just aware of your surroundings. Hopefully one day we can look past these ideals the media tries to engrave into our lives. This class has definitely been a great experience and will continue to recommend to others especially guys as I believe it's very overlooked due to the “feminine”
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