Waikijo In Hawaii

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ON the island of Oahu in Hawaii, many many humans are walking the very popular crater of Diamond Head. It was hot. As Hawaii always is. The temperature had now reached 87 degrees at 8 in the morning.

About a 20 minute drive away was the popular town of Waikiki. Waikiki brings in about 8.3 million tourists each year. This is very convenient for the crater because it attracts Waikiki’s visitors. From the bottom of the mountain it is about a mile one way. This trail was known for it’s difficulty because of how steep the trail was. It also had other little issues like no shade or spots for rest. No bathrooms along the way and no where to get water. It was known for
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Before leaving the hotel, they had done much research and found out that it was a gorgeous view with a medium hike to get there. They all loved hiking so they didn’t think that it would be much of a challenge and on top of it they would get some pretty awesome pictures. Getting a later start than most people walking from their hotel in Waikiki. 10 o’clock, they’ve had breakfast and think their ready. The youngest of these tourists is 10 years old and is ready to go. The other is a 14 years old and would much rather be sleeping, she told reporters. The head of this crew was the mother, Tracy. She was the one that had supported this trip and was slightly obsessed with lighthouses passersby said.They all thought that they were thoroughly prepared but they did not quit understand the steep terrain they were going to encounter before they even arrived at the bottom of the mountain. Their actual…show more content…
Their water bottles had been emptied half way through their beginning walk and quite frankly they really needed to stand in the bathroom lines they reported. Everyone knows that when the Earth is thoroughly warmed, there is always a victim of dehydration and today was no exception. Getting ready to head up the mountain, the group saw a nerving sight. A pale woman being carried towards the helicopter that had just landed in the field just across the path. Rylan’s 10 year old curious mind started to wonder and suddenly he was wandering off towards the huge machine.
“ I had to go with him.” Mahayla told everyone.
“ I knew they could catch up with me. I wasn’t worried so I continued up the path.” Tracy exclaimed. Minutes later, she was getting a call from an unknown number telling her that her kids were wondering where she was at the bottom of the mountain. Clearly embarrassed she regained her kids and started the hike. From high up above it looked like they were hardly moving. All of sudden they all turned
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