Waiting For Lunch - Original Writing

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I lounge in my cell, waiting for lunch. Sometimes, someone will notice me watching them and make towards me. They always find themselves distracted by something or other, though. It takes several rounds of this for me to make the connection, and it makes me smile when I do. Kevin must have told the Skulls to keep everyone away from me. I can almost hear him telling them that I’m his and everyone else ought to keep their dirty eyes off of me. He knows more than most that I don’t belong to anyone. Still, it’s useful for what I have in mind. He’s smarter than he looks. When the first few inmates begin drifting toward the mess hall, I stand and head that way as well. I might as well try to get some food for myself before I start a fight. Somehow, I make it there without anyone talking to me. How convenient. When I grab my tray, I eat the slop so fast that I’m done by the time I reach the disposal area. I’m leaning against the wall near the entrance when the bulk of the Skulls follow Kevin in. Now, I wait. I watch the group eating. One of them eyes me and whispers to Kevin. He doesn’t show any sign that he sees me, and leisurely finishes his slop. I have to think of some gruesome stuff to keep myself from laughing. He drops his spoon. I step forward. I watch with mild interest as a few of them tense up, as if to stop me. None of them do it, though. In fact, they move aside as I approach. I stop across the table from Kevin. “What do you want?” he drawls. I lean forward and offer

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