Waiting For Superman Film Analysis

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Public Schools analysis
Seventeenth, that is the U.S. rank on the global scale for best education systems according to the international organisation called the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). In 2011, a documentary showed why the U.S. was failing to educate children. The documentary shows the urban public schools successes and failures with the education system of America. The documentary, Waiting for Superman, directed by Davis Guggenheim, uses the stories’ of four kids and one young adult and visual tch to display the imperfections of the U.S. education system with the development of a sad tone and editing techniques. An effective tool the creators develop to intensify their argument is the development of a sad tone. Using imagery, and music the director develops a sad to persuade his audience. Music creates a sad emotion and a damp atmosphere creating a sad tone. In the end scene after the lottery, the scene moves slowly showing each parent taking their child home from the lottery. As the camera flips the music moves one key down. The music corresponds to the harsh reality the children have to face. The scene’s atmosphere is sad and the director uses the music to evoke the sad emotion. The sad tone is developed by the directors choice of music, and the sadness is used to persuade the audience. Since results are not what the audience wanted to hear, they reinforce the director's claim on public schools. Another use of music is once the lottery is over the
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