Waiting For Superman Movie Analysis

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Education at its Poorest
Most children grow up having dreams and wanting to succeed. So, what if someone told these children that they could not succeed, just because their parents’ income is low and where they live is not great? Unfortunately, this is not just a made up scenario. When pressed to meet national standards of success, some school systems fail; unfortunately, not only do they fail themselves, but they fail the students’ ability to succeed. For years, the problems that lead to a failing education system have been examined. Specifically, in the movie Waiting for Superman, the audience is presented with specific failing systems or “dropout factories” and how they affect the education of the students. The overall goal of Waiting for Superman is to raise awareness for the failing public school system in hopes that someone makes a difference. The movie analyzes and presents the problems behind the failing system by utilizing real families, factual evidence, and using the design elements of music and pacing.
Throughout the documentary, the audience meets very nice, hardworking parents and students. Although these families come from different backgrounds, they all strive for a similar goal: a better education. They look for help through lottery charter schools because the system they are in has failed or will fail them. Through listening to the families’ stories the audience develops trust and sympathy for the students. For example, when Daisy’s dad is interviewed
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