Waiting For The Land Book Review

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Gabe Johnson Waiting for the Land Book Review BIBL3103-A Due: 5/10/15 Waiting for the Land, by Arie C. Leder, is an interesting book for a number of reasons. Leder does a good job looking at the Pentateuch as a whole story, and tying it into the narrative of the bible. Basically, the whole story of the Pentateuch covers the giving of the law (for the purpose of fellowship), rejection of the law, and departure from fellowship. Leder also states that the Pentateuch has a chiastic structure, with Genesis standing in contrast of Deuteronomy. Part of the Pentateuch discusses the Israelites complete failure to follow directions. For example, men in Genesis build a tower in attempt to “reach God” rather than pursue Him through sacrifice. Since Able knew to sacrifice to God, it seems clear that God did provide mankind with some kind of system for reaching out to Him, prior to the giving of the full law. Mankind took God’s earth, which was created for mankind to fellowship with God, and ruined it by following human impulses. The chiastic structure is demonstrated through a number of features. Genesis and Deuteronomy both promise blessings upon the descendants of Israel, giving of the land, and discuss the separation of Israel from the rest of the nations. Exodus and Numbers focus on Israel’s time in the desert, discuss the roles of Levites and first-born sons, denounce magicians, and deal with plagues and curses. This leaves Leviticus, specifically the Day of
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