Waiting On The World To Change One Baby At A Time Essay

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Waiting on the World to Change One Baby at a Time The world is a huge place filled with people that are both good and bad. As time passes, the world just seems to be getting more violent. The people who make up its population grow to become, what some would call, heartless. One of the main things that I think is destroying the world we live in is abortion. Abortion is when actions are taken to end the life of an innocent life.
Abortion is an extremely touchy subject today because people can so easily be offended. No matter how it is looked at, abortion is a brutal crime. In kindergarten , children learn to decipher betweens things that are living and things that are not. The bird is living, the bug is living, and even the grass is living. Once children reach grades a little higher, they get into science and learn that cells, atoms, and molecules are living, too! Even though these are basic concepts, some ignorant adults still seem to believe that in the first few weeks of pregnancy that baby is only a clump of cells; therefore it is not a living being. It is a real live baby. Abortion is extremely brutal to the baby, as well. In some procedures they even stop his/her heart.(
“In later second-trimester procedures, you may also need a shot through your abdomen to make sure that the fetus's heart stops before the
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Each of the children I babysit are special to me and show me a better side of human life. They make me laugh, cry, and become frustrated but they never fail to touch my heart. I do know if i would be the person I am without these kids, so it is very hard for me to understand how someone could take away the chance of a child’s life. I have written several essays at my church to raise awareness about the downsides and cruelness of abortion. If more people would know the brutality that is abortion and become more aware of other options, the world could change one baby at a
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