Waiting Periods For Organ Donation

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Waiting periods for organ donation are mostly due to organ shortage. There are not many people donating organs to healthcare facilities and the once that do probably have defective organs that cannot be used by other people (Cameron, 2013). Organs obtained from cadavers are also mostly defective and therefore are not suitable for use by other people. According to research, organ waiting periods for organ donation are increasing every year. As the prevalence of certain diseases increase, many patients suffer damages to their organs and end up needing transplants but healthcare facilities do not have enough banks to help them. The result has been organ trafficking and other illegal means of obtaining organs since people believe that they cannot follow formal procedures that take too much time and are mostly futile. Organ trafficking has been highlighted, severally, as a rising concern by the United Nations and other international organizations like the World Health Organization. The effects of this latest vice are far-reaching and destroy many lives directly and indirectly. However, what is the solution to this problem? Actually, there are two dilemmas that need to be solved in order to make organ donation safer and formal. First, the trafficking of organs must be reduced and if possible eliminated to avoid the short-term and long-term negative consequences of the vice (Claybourne, 2012). Secondly, healthcare facilities, in collaboration with governments, should work out a

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