Waiting Times At Clinics And The General Organization Of The Proposal

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This paper serves as an introduction to a dissertation. It shall introduce the scope of the dissertation by discussing the problem, the background of the problem, the purpose of the proposal, the scope of the proposal and the general organization of the proposal. The thesis of the dissertation is wait times at clinics and how that time can be reduced to obtain efficiency at clinics.
Problem Statement
The subject of this paper is waiting times at clinics and how that time can be minimized. What is wait time at clinics? Wait times at clinics can be described as the amount of time a patient takes to be attended to when they visit a hospital. Patient experience is one factor that is rarely put into consideration by health
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Public hospitals are notorious for extended wait times at clinics. This has led patients who can afford to prefer private clinics where they are seen on an appointment basis. The wait times at private clinics is considered shorter though not the best at all times, than that in public clinics. Patients who may not afford visiting private clinics are left with no choice but to attend public hospitals.
Background of the Problem
One of the indicators of quality service and efficient service delivery is patient wait times. Patient wait times at clinics are a policy issue that needs to be addressed if hospitals foresee a change in its operations and operational costs. Wait times can be attributed to poor planning and coordination in hospitals. Wait times are experienced before consultation, during consultation and after consultation.
Health care centers typically have different people who provide different services all in the treatment process. For an ordinary routine visit, there are professionals stationed at the reception to receive clients and client information mostly regarding mode of payment. There are the nurses who are stationed at the triage to measure the patients’ vitals. In between that and consultation, there are people who oversee that transition, mostly nurses. The coordination of these activities carried out by different persons is what results in extended
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