Waiting for Godot

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1. How does the relationship between Vladimir and Estragon compare with the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky? What is the effect created by the contrast between these two pairs of characters? Is it significant that the characters appear in pairs, rather than alone?
Waiting for Godot, written by Samuel Beckett, is a tragicomedy about two men waiting for a person or thing named Godot. The play entitles two contrasting pairs of characters, Vladimir and Estragon, Pozzo and Lucky. These sets of characters differ greatly and they create effect of humanity. The main difference between the pair’s relationships would be their dependency on each other, their level of compatibility, and their development throughout the play. Furthermore, both
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Lastly, both pairs of characters can be compared by their development through the play. Vladimir and Estragon do not develop at all throughout the discourse of the play, whereas Pozzo and Lucky change dramatically from the first act to the second. Vladimir and Estragon remain static characters throughout the play, and it is obvious that their life is very repetitive. From the first act to the second, Vladimir and Estragon are always waiting for Godot, their days are almost identical from one the other. In both acts they contemplate suicide, saying that the next day they would bring good rope to hang themselves. In both acts they meet Pozzo and Lucky, as well as the boy. Whom all three say they have not seen them the previous day, this indicates that they might have been doing this for many days that they have lost count. Estragon also repetitively asks to leave but is reminded that they cannot, this repetition of dialogue appears many time, which reinforces the idea that these actions occur many more times than stated in the play. Another allusion that proves that their lives are repetitive is when Vladimir talks to the boy. He asks “It wasn’t you that came yesterday…This is your first time?” pg.105, and the boy says that it is his first time. This repetitiveness proves that Vladimir and Estragon are static characters. On the contrary, Pozzo and Lucky are dynamic characters, as they change drastically from the first act to the
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