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Case Study - Waitrose


Waitrose was setup at Acton in 1904; it was founded by Wallace Waite, Arthur Rose & David Taylor. In the year 1906 Taylor left the firm, the first shop named “Waitrose” was formed. The company was later acquired by John Lewis Partnership in the year 1937. At that time it had 10 small service food shops and had a turnover of 150000 GBP. After the acquisition, Waitrose now are specialist Supermarkets, having more than 175 supermarkets all over UK mainly in the south-eastern region. It now boasts a work-force of over 37000 employees and many new stores. They offer fresh produce, poultry, bread & meat. Waitrose is a company known for providing high and good quality
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It was a key decision to feature partners in the campaign, which uses them as a point of difference, distinguishing us from our rivals ( ). The targeted customers of their products are richer class. The most important reason that they have loyal customers is because of the quality they provide. The customers of Waitrose believe in the company, such that even if they get the same goods cheaper in other stores (Tesco, Azda) they will still stick to Waitrose. In the product line the fruits and vegetables they put on the market are priced at a premium. “For anyone who enjoys food and can afford to pay a bit extra, it is easy to understand why the chain has built a following”. ( )


When Waitrose was taken over by John Lewis, the status of Waitrose improved in the eyes of the consumer and the market. With the help of John Lewis, Waitrose strengthened its supply chains and economies of scale. With the introduction of self scanning in some stores it reduced its cost and provided better services to the consumer. Waitrose reduced costs in many ways, for example the internal transport system of Waitrose with the help of high end technology reduced their gas cost and saved a lot of money. This internal factor was used by Waitrose for maximum benefit.
The consumers of Waitrose were loyal to the company. All credit should be given to the working
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