Wake STEM Early High School Analysis

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I would really like the opportunity to attend Wake STEM Early College High School. When I attended open house I saw that the students were interested in the same kind of things as me. They were excited about learning and working on projects together. That is the kind of school where I could work best. I have wanted to be a Mechanical/Computer engineer for as long as I can remember. STEM HS would be a great start on the way to a good engineering school. The 1.5 - 2 years of college credits would help my family tremendously by saving a lot of money.

I know that my weak spot is time management but I am always looking and thinking of ways to help. I try to do my work as soon as it is assigned. To help improve my time management skills I have set
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I researched, selected and assembled the components of my computer from scratch for my 13th birthday. Science is my favorite subject because I like to think about ways I can make the world better and more energy efficient. One of my favorite things to do at night is theorize about science and engineering topics. Most of the time I have a hard time getting to sleep because I can't stop thinking. I am currently trying to find new ways to desalinate water in an environmentally clean way. In 5th grade I competed in two Lego Mindstorms competitions and I won both. The first competition was to make the coolest robot and I made a walking robot. The second competition was a tug of war. I won by using gears, six wheel drive and some extra weight. When I had Autodesk class I liked to think of creative solutions to finish the assignments. I tried to use the instructions only if I had been stuck for a long time. I enjoy spending time at after school engineering clubs. In 6th grade I participated in two after school hands-on engineering programs. In 6th and 7th grade I went to a program called SPARCS. We met on Saturdays once per month and did fun activities with engineering students from NCSU. I was just accepted into NC-MSEN Pre-College Program which involves afternoon classes at Centennial as well as weekend classes at
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