Wake Up Girls Essay

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Wake Up Girls

Sometimes we lose sight of what is important in life and that is when it is necessary to take a step back to reconsider the direction in which we are going. Teenage girls today are becoming less and less original and more generic. Generic symbolizing how alike teenage girls look. It is disturbing for me as a teenage girl to hear and see what teenage girls believe to be imperative in order to be happy and successful. The media in America has everything to do with what is going wrong with the lifestyles of young women. This is when we, as the target group for media, need to reassess our values and the meaning we wish to fulfill in our lives. I believe the media recognizes the influence that they possess over teenage
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The past couple years and for several weeks this summer I babysat a young girl who was very aware of her clothing and her “tummy.” Heading off to the pool 8 year old Elena would run down the stairs in a pastel two piece suite with sparkly healed slip-ons. “My tummy is too big,” Elena would say as she walked her 40 pound healthy body toward me. Elena loves to sing and dance so when watching these artists on the television she would often point out how skinny the women were. She loves to sing and dance so she looks up to artists on the television who are very beautiful and skinny. This is an upsetting thought because it demonstrates the loss of simplicity and essence that should be present in childhood. The media has infected these young girls with the wrong ideas and principles, which will most likely create more problems and concerns when they get older. If young girls are already concerned about their weight they might fall into eating disorders in the future.

On that topic, I have a close friend of mine who has been afflicted with anorexia. “ 5-10 million girls and women are struggling with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorders, or borderline conditions,” according to The National Eating Disorders Association. It is actually surprising that I only have one close friend who struggles with the disorder. It is hard to tell her story to the height of its affect. Not only has the disease damaged her life but also the
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