Wakefield's Disciple

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Discussion Forum Unit 3
Wakefield and His 12 Dotard Disciples
Question 1: Tell your fellow classmates which of the studies you felt led to the most harm.
My fellow classmates, it was a difficult choice for me to ascertain which study between the Immunization and the Stanford Prison studies led to the most harm, both were brutal, nevertheless my anger fell on the Immunization study published by Andrew Wakefield and his 12-dotard disciples.
Personally, Andrew Wakefield and his 12 disciples are evil men. Consciously, knowingly, and deliberately publish a scientific lie, without a concern for the cost on human life, is the highest and most stinky scientific indecency ever known to man. Their publication that vaccine against deadly measles,
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Media Conference: Scientists could have called for Media conference and pour out the truth amass to the public through the media.
3. Lancet’s editors should not have publish such a controversial study without further academic experiments and investigations.
The Media
1. Media Push. Results of studies like this one should not be given any form of publicity. Wakefield’s report received media push, a great mistake.
2. Truth push out via media. It is an ethical responsibility of the media to pour out the truth amass to the public, attacking and denouncing wrong report, unfortunately these did not happened.
The Public
1. Leaders ought to speak out. The educated people in the public, community and religious leaders, musicians, school heads, market coordinators etc. Should have spoken out with a load voice, rejecting the report. “It is not the wickedness of evil men that destroys a nation, but the silence of the good men,” (King, n.d, p. 1).
My opinion is that Wakefield and His 12 Disciples are walkers of evil, and must be allowed to walk free in our society.

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