Waking Up : A Short Story : Waking Up?

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Waking up was easy. Getting out of bed was the hard part. I sighed and curled up in my bed wanting to just stay this way unil I died. There was a small knock on my door as mother entered my room and sat beside me. "How are you feeling, and dont lie, because I know you feel like dying and never leaving your bed." She smirked and pulled me into her arms. I clutched onto her and held her tight as she pat my back. "Go put on something nice, do you hair and make up look your very best and show them how strong you are." She smiled and kiss my forehead "You will always be my daughter Ivy never forget that" I nodded a growing smile on my face as she stood. "I know it feels terrible now, and what ever happend to you I know is unforgettable." She looked me with a sad smile on her face "But you have people who love you dearly, so go out and show them that you are not that scared little girl anymore. Show them that they dont define who you are. Be proud you survived" She held her head high with a smiled before leaving.
I slipped from my bed and put on a nice bue dress with a white peter pan collar that Gwen had picked out for me. It stopped right at the knee and was sinched nicely at the waist. I simply tied back my wavy red lock and painted my lips a dark crimson. I threw open my door my usual clever grin on my face. I walked over to the stairs and instead of just going down the stairs I looked around and hopped over the railing and landed on the floor before. I smirked and swept my

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