Waking Up Ibm : How A Gang Of Unlikely Rebels Transformed The Big Blue Essay

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This analytic paper will be talking about a business case titled Waking up IBM: How a Gang of Unlikely Rebels Transformed the Big Blue” by Gary Hamel (2000) and how it was transformed into an internet wave, that Bill Gates and Microsoft missed. In this paper, I will analysis the problem that was discussed throughout the business case. This will include different ideas and concepts of the company, the Organizational Structure, and Culture of IBM during this change. This paper will shed light on the two change agents, and their leadership style that helped them impact change to a large company like IBM. This case will explain which of the two theories of change is applicable in the business case. In this paper, I will identify if the business case portrayed that its change originated from top down or grassroots, and its impact onv the organization. Finally, I will apply the learned course work to further explain the article in depth, including how this business case relates to the course learning thus far. PROBLEM STATEMENT The first issue I noticed, in this case was the fact that the top executives working in IBM were not conscious that the leadership position was crumbling. According to the article “IBM’s executives were too busy fighting their endless turf battles to notice that the company’s once unassailable leadership position was crumbling around them.” The main reason there was a slack in the company was because the top executives were not concentrating on what really

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