Waking Up Out Of My Sleep

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Waking up out of my sleep at 4:30 am to the sound of my mother crying from across the hall that separates our bedrooms put me on my feet quick. I went in to her room not knowing what to expect. Millions of questions went through my mind trying not to think of that one thought that can haunt our family forever. I waited quietly in front of my mother’s bed until she got off the phone. When she was finally able to look at me, her eyes said it all. Right at that exact moment my mind didn’t want to believe it but my heart was already starting to ache. My mind went blank, my mind did not want to make itself believe it was all a dream. Six days before, at 1:59 pm my family and I received a call from Fort Lauderdale Airport about my grandmother being taken to the hospital. They did not want to give us much information over the phone. I told myself “whatever it was she’s going to be okay, because she’s a very strong woman”. I have a lot of faith; I prayed and decorated a birthday cake for a dear friend of mine that night. I let all my feelings come out into that cake. Later that night, my mom came home from the hospital with all the information we all were anxiously waiting for to know. She walked into the living room dressed in a very casual look, a very unusual attire for her. As she sat down on the edge of the sofa, taking a deep breath keeping her eyes to the ground. I sat up straight in my chair as in formation to be ready for the worst that can happen in the next couple of
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