Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa ( Snake Vine Dreaming ) By Liddy Walker Napanagka

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Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa (Snake Vine Dreaming) by Liddy Walker Napanagka Different Aboriginal groups have a common characteristic and that is that they have a similar belief system which is called the ʻDreamingʼ. The dreaming may be well known as a religious system but it does not always convey its true eminence. However it does convey a sense of enlightenment through visions and dreams. The dreaming provides a strong bondage between The Aboriginal people and their land and identity. In the Indigenous community, Aboriginal people learned about their environment before they were able to identify the characteristics of animals, plants, sources of food and water, useful materials and the weather. The stories that they tell provide them with a map of their environment and information such as trade routes and resources. With the knowledge they had due to their access to information about their land led them to know how to travel successfully around the Australian landscape which then enhanced their imagination that helped them compose more dreamtime stories. The Aboriginal people are introduced to the spiritual world through the dreaming stories which are important teachings that make up their identity.The Aboriginal people travelled the same routes through the lands that their ancestors once used, these are called the dreaming trails. This strengthens their communication with the ancestors and are able to build on their relationship with their land and identity. In the painting

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